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action #66394: [epic][y] Enable VNC+SSH Installations on aarch64

[functional][y] Generate support_server image for SLES on aarch64

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openQA doesn't support cross-platform MM tests, so we cannot use 64bit support server.

See parent ticket for motivation.

Some hints for SLES image generation:

64bit jobs using support server: and

Acceptance criteria

  1. support_server image generation is trivial in case we need update or image for other architectures
  2. support_server image provides all functionality for multimachine ssh and vnc remote installations on aarch64


So from the previous ticket (#9576) some points for image generation on TW:

  • Get latest qcow2 from TW/SLES create_hdd_gnome
  • Install pattern dhcp_dns_server
  • Switch from Network Manager to Wicked
  • Disable firewall
  • To avoid dimming of the screen, turn off gnome screensaver gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 0 and turn off gnome suspend gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power sleep-inactive-ac-type 'nothing'
  • In job conf delete QEMUVGA and use VIRTIO_CONSOLE=1

Related issues

Related to openQA Tests - action #69349: [functional][y] setting QEMUVGA=cirrus invalid for aarch64 on remote_vnc_controller: auto_review:"qemu-system-aarch64: Cirrus VGA not available"Rejected2020-07-25


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I provide a script in the PR that use autoyast to generate the supportserver. i expect this will make it easier in the future to generate a qcow for aarch and x86_64. We need to edit the script for other archs.

I tried to verify that this would work with the remote_ssh but apparently the test needs adjustment. i created i have modified the yaml to use the bootloader_start module but uefi+MM does not work because of missing parameters.

We (with @joaquin) test the qcow in the remote ssh. The results here. I used Full media as i had network issues on the target machine in the Online media.

However i expect the qcow to be suitable for remote_vnc as well. If not, we can easily regenerate an image with the provided xml or use the script with another xml to get another qcow if we want.

The supportserver is using SLE15-SP2 as base image (GMC)

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Notes from experiments we wanted to explore:

#7 Updated by riafarov 10 days ago

FYI: I guess we can revert changes made to the dev job group for now.

#8 Updated by ybonatakis 9 days ago

The alternative is to use create_hdd_gnome adding one module that already exists to do the configuration. The image that it is created by this job contains all the necessary patters(base minimal_base x11 x11_enhanced and gnome_basic). So nothing to do with it.
Although we need to install some packages

apache2 tftp dhcp-server bind yast2-iscsi-lio-server xrdp

openssh, nfs-client is already installed.

I was thinking if you could provide them with test_data or some other way but for now i have defined it as a list in the module.
wicked is used and i use setup_static_mm_network to ensure that.
there is no requirement to disable the firewall for MM test so it remains enabled.

remote_ssh seems to be able to boot and connect.
remote_vnc can also boot but i havent test the connectivity so far. I dont know why we use QEMUVGA with cirrus but it does not work

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  • Related to action #69349: [functional][y] setting QEMUVGA=cirrus invalid for aarch64 on remote_vnc_controller: auto_review:"qemu-system-aarch64: Cirrus VGA not available" added

#11 Updated by ybonatakis 2 days ago i have created another PR to not messed up with the changes that i am asked (to avoid a bug mess).
Next step is to see where to run the job

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remains to setup the jobs in the development group

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