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autoinst-log.txt opened with wrong path

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austoinst-log.txt is currently opened as though it was in . but really it is in ./testresults/ contains

open(my $AUTOINSTLOG, "<", "autoinst-log.txt") || die('Could not open autoinst-log.txt for reading');

which is meant to open the log file created in

        $logger = Mojo::Log->new(level => 'debug', path => catfile(result_dir, 'autoinst-log.txt'));

but as far as I can tell there is no chdir into result_dir anywhere, so the CWD at the time of the open() is still the same CWD as it was when the logger was initialized, and that is one directory above autoinst-log.txt. Printing getcwd just before the open call confirms as much.

Current master now always trip over the incorrect open call and die.

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Well, the regular case is not calling the Mojo::Log statement - the worker runs isotovideo -d and channels the output itself to ./autoinst.log.txt - so the open is correct.

So you only notice the problem if calling isotovideo yourself without -d, so the Mojo::Log statement needs to remove the catfile, easy fix

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PR takes care of this issue as well now.

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There was some fallout. See #52235#note-10 for details about the "fix" by partial revert. We can continue in reopened #45011

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