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01:47 pm openQA Project action #52247 (Resolved): autoinst-log.txt opened with wrong path
austoinst-log.txt is currently opened as though it was in `.` but really it is in `./testresults/`
basetest.pm con...
01:03 pm openQA Project action #52235 (Resolved): isotovideo -d broken
This supposedly is a regression introduced in fe70160d7134dfa499cae7d47fafd95e5321dcf8
When running with -d to pri...


11:14 am openQA Project action #39335 (New): drag and drop support in testapi
It'd be super awesome if the testapi had a function to do drag and drop. This is useful for, well, testing drag and d...


10:57 am openQA Project action #31771 (Resolved): 0ac2c9f6cd1bd5f2d7091e1c08096152ed02a23f failing on chattr
0ac2c9f6cd1bd5f2d7091e1c08096152ed02a23f introduced a call `runcmd('/usr/bin/chattr', '-f', '+C', $basedir);` with th...

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