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[sle][migration][functional][u][epic] check for SLE installation tests

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Request from Vincent M.:

For the context, this started with bsc#1116740 - kernel-default-base not
provided in online channel, which is the most critical bugs we had in JeOS yet.
Since the issue was that kernel-default-base was an orphaned package therefore
JeOS users would never received any kernel updates…

After discussion inside the JeOS team, we came up with the decision to manually
use that test to prevent such orphaned issue.

Now I wanted to bring this topic to QA and other PrjMgr/RM because:

  • is ONLY used (AFAIK) during SLE migration test but
    not during regular build test. I.E checking orphaned packages from SPX when
    migrating to SPX+1. But no check to see if SPX+1 contains orphaned packages by
    himself, if this is a relevant test. Should we change that?

  • ATM require to manually check the output, is there
    a way to automate this somehow?

  • What about other product, do they use, something
    else, or nothing?

See also:

Subtasks 4 (0 open4 closed)

action #47333: [sle][Migration][SLE15SP2] automatic check in orphaned_packages_check.pmResolvedokurz2019-02-11

action #47336: [migration] - use for other products?Resolvedokurz2019-02-11

action #47339: [functional][u][easy] Trigger as part of functional checksResolvedzluo2019-02-11

action #47342: [functional][u][easy] Consolidate scheduleResolvedzluo2019-02-11

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-> subtickets

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This bug is also related to this check:

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Move to new QSF-u PO after I moved to the "tools"-team. I mainly checked the subject line so in individual instances you might not agree to take it over completely into QSF-u. Feel free to discuss with me or reassign to me or someone else in this case. Thanks.

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Updated by maritawerner almost 5 years ago

Hello Matthias, any update here? I think for JeOs that is quite important.

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maritawerner wrote:

Hello Matthias, any update here? I think for JeOs that is quite important.

from the QSF-U side, this is done as far as I can tell from the resolved subtasks - to close this epic the migration tasks needs to be finished as well

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still waiting for migration tasks to be done

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subtickets closed, considering resolved

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Updated by gameboy974 over 4 years ago

I'm no openQA expert, so I would like to kindly ask to have a summary of what you did to comply to this issue. To my understanding the orphaned_packages tests was only added to the migration test cases? Links to openQA tests might be also interesting to have.
Thanks a lot.

Vincent Moutoussamy.

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Updated by okurz over 4 years ago

The points as mentioned in the ticket description have been adressed. For example the latest task I did was in #47333 with adding two commits, adding the check to more products and also during normal build validation tests as well as making the check a proper automated test which would fail if any unexpected (not whitelisted orphans) have been found. is an example showing the test module "orphaned_packages_check" being executed during a regular build validation test scenario.

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szarate wrote:

See for the reason of tracker change:

I can not access this archive since I'm not a member : ). Could you please summarize what the "Tracker changed from action to coordination" means? and what was discussed in the ML thread?



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