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Kind request for access to management interface of ariel VM, e.g. ssh-access, libvirt, "ssh user access to atreju1 to be able to view cscreen"

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Servers hosted in NBG
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Related to openQA Infrastructure - action #43970: o3 webui update on 2018-11-19Resolved2018-11-19


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Apologies for taking too long. Unfortunately we are short on manpower on SUSE-IT the past month, which kept me busy, and also I've been on sick leave for one week. I fully understand the importance of the issue, but it will take longer to get solved unfortunately (after vacation). Thanks for the understanding

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Based on your RT ticket I will take also this one.

we will track the progress there .


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I am unable to reply to the RT ticket however this ticket is a more generic wish but also not urgent (anymore). For example I conducted the recent o3 upgrade without any further VM image dump and basically we were lucky that nothing bad has happened.

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As there was no further reaction here, I like to close this request for now. For machines completely "owned" by openSUSE heroes (like slimhat and widehat), we have serial access. For shared machines, this seems not to be possible (while it might, technically).

I suggest to hope for a complete split here, including openSUSE owned hardware for all VMs (or cloud instances). This lowers the burden for IT and let the heroes look forward to this date...

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