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01:21 pm openSUSE admin tickets #25272 (Closed): New Mailinglist: obs-devel@opensuse.org
12:10 pm openSUSE admin Planned Downtime 2017-10-13 till 2017-10-15
A scheduled power outage in the Nuremberg office will effect a number of openSUSE services from Oct. 13 at 4 p.m. to ...


12:59 pm openSUSE admin tickets #25560 (Closed): software.opensuse.org
11:57 am openSUSE admin tickets #25556 (Closed): DNS
11:45 am openSUSE admin tickets #25560: software.opensuse.org
I haven't seen it, and honestly I can't reproduce the issue. /search shows me the correct page and I can even search ...
11:28 am openSUSE admin tickets #25556: DNS
give me an example of such a webpage please that is getting redirected and it shouldn't


09:24 am openSUSE admin tickets #25300 (New): saltstack: mention fork owner and pending upstream PRs on formulas_update.sh
The formulas_update.sh script needs a better way to mention:
* original owner
* forked owner
* (bonus points for) ...


12:26 pm openSUSE admin tickets #25154 (Closed): login2.o.o broken - always "invalid username/password"
12:24 pm openSUSE admin tickets #25154: login2.o.o broken - always "invalid username/password"
fixed https://gitlab.opensuse.org/infra/salt/merge_requests/57


01:33 pm openSUSE admin tickets #13806: reverse mapping of (opensuse.org).
ignore my previous comment, the results are different from the reality (as they come from the internal MF DNS servers)

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