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02:32 pm openSUSE admin communication #47249 (Closed): upgrade progress.o.o using latest Redmine and latest Leap 15.0
I'm closing this one as duplicate of 27720
01:12 pm openSUSE admin tickets #30316: move fontinfo to a new VM
ticket is now up for grabs
01:06 pm openSUSE admin tickets #46499 (Closed): Request: new mailing list for admins of opensuse organization in Vagrant...
01:01 pm openSUSE admin tickets #45614 (Closed): A couple of openSUSE machines run out of disk space
closing this one as icc and osc-collab have dedicated maintainers that are aware of the issues already. Anyone feel f...
12:59 pm openSUSE admin tickets #42599 (Closed): [admin] Redirection limit for this URL exceeded trying to reach BOO and ...
12:58 pm openSUSE admin tickets #35353 (Closed): Templates for openSUSE website
no reply, closing. Let me know please if you still need those templates and specify which ones exactly you need
12:56 pm openSUSE admin tickets #15276: handle non-opensuse.org hosted instances
passing the ticket to lcp who is actually working on it
12:53 pm openSUSE admin tickets #14124 (Closed): Request a Lizards Account
no reply in months, so I guess you lost interest. Let me know if you changed your mind
12:51 pm openSUSE admin tickets #31936 (Closed): keyserver outputs exception
service is decommissioned


10:09 pm openSUSE admin communication #48728 (New): 2019-04-02 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting April 2019
Where: irc://irc.freenode.net/#openSUSE-admin IRC channel
When: 2019-04-02 18:00 UTC / 19:00 CET
Who: The openSUSE ...

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