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[qe-core][functional][saga] remote system management: salt, sles+suma, sles+storage (terraform, kubernetes, etc.)

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Ensure the whole SLE ecosystem works together smoothly, e.g. a SLES server can be properly administered using salt, SLE+suma can be integrated, SLE+storage can be integrated, etc.

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This is a long term goal and involves multiple teams.


#1 Updated by maritawerner almost 3 years ago

Yes, agreed, we need to get more information here from different parties. I know also that James from QA CSS got some requests here. And there is a workshop plannend for "Interoperability" from November 20-22 where this topic is also covered.

#2 Updated by okurz almost 3 years ago

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Thanks for pointing out the interoperability-workshop. That should help as well.

#3 Updated by okurz over 2 years ago

maritawerner Can you state what were the outcomes of the interoperability workshop regarding this?

#4 Updated by maritawerner over 2 years ago

In the workshop we agreed that this is an important topic to follow. In addition I had a short discussion with Stefan Behlert and he told me that we have to wait what will come with the next SP of SLe 15 and then the products on top have to adjust and then we can have a combined testing.

#5 Updated by maritawerner about 2 years ago

In a follow-up meting of the interoperability workshop the new SUSE readmap was presented:

It seems that there are major changes ongoing in the was SUSE Products are set-up. So testing products together is really a higher management level discussion that has to be addressed in PRDs and Interlocks. I think we could close that ticket here for now.

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There are dedicated teams for some of these products, also see comment #5

#8 Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

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No, you seem to miss the point. This is a "break down the silos" task. The part about "I don't know what the other team is doing and I don't care" is the problem that needs to be solved here. Our customers are told "SUSE offers this awesome stack of component that nicely fit together" but if we don't ever run them together that story is very unlikely to be true.

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