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Setup IRC Bridges from Matrix and friends

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IRC and Matrix
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Now that openSUSE has a discord, Matrix and Slack server, this ticket is to track getting these bridges live > freenode.


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#3 Updated by okurz almost 4 years ago

cool, may I ask: Is there really already a matrix server? If yes, how is it deployed? I am asking because I am currently the maintainer of the package matrix-synapse in OBS.

#4 Updated by tampakrap over 3 years ago

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#5 Updated by hellcp over 3 years ago

I completely forgot about this ticket, whoops.
I actually went ahead and bridged openSUSE Discord with community on matrix: (which hopefully if and when will be moved to own homeserver, and just aliased to one). I would say that this configuration with discord<->matrix<->irc would be better, because bridges for matrix are generally of very high quality :D

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Is anything left to do here?
Or can we simply close the ticket?

#7 Updated by hellcp over 2 years ago

There is a lot to do, but we should probably start with "setup matrix" instead of "setup bridges", because relying on (as we do now) is a terrible idea, considering the amount of traffic and the delays related to that traffic.

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This is blocked by some ipv6 issues in ticket #63463

#9 Updated by hellcp over 1 year ago

I started testing with matterbridge, and #opensuse-admin has been successfully spammed to death, so I would say it's a success: I will migrate all of our channels to matterbridge if becomes a thing, because right now the matrix side looks messy

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