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Added by lnussel over 9 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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We may want to add test coverage checking to our test suite

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Related to openQA Project - action #10262: Prevent further test coverage dropResolvedokurz2016-01-17

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Updated by okurz almost 8 years ago

In which project exactly do you want to gather test coverage? openQA itself gathers some coverage, see badge here:

What I would like to do is gather coverage for os-autoinst itself, at best locally as well as with . Do you have anything else in mind?

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Updated by lnussel almost 8 years ago

the issue is two years old. might well be that I was referring to openQA itself. os-autoinst would be good of course.

Also reminds me that the coveralls hook to github is broken since monthgs. Who has the coveralls account data?

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Updated by okurz over 7 years ago

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Updated by oholecek over 7 years ago

How is it broken? I just logged in coveralls and it seems it works fine for openQA. Fine in sense it does something on each commit/PR.

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Updated by okurz over 7 years ago

results from irc discussion:

  • everyone with commit access to github repo has access to setup coveralls
  • openQA coveralls is still active but it does not comment PRs

e.g. pushed, but no comment is seen in
according the build log the coverage is actually the same

[18/01/2016 10:48:40] perhaps I need to try harder to regress :)

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Updated by okurz over 7 years ago

Situation improved a bit with
We can enable hard check by setting a threshold in .travis.yml at least for openQA, os-autoinst needs to be done as well as tests distribution itself if this is feasible. coveralls got reconfigured by oholecek but still stays silent

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Updated by okurz about 7 years ago

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we have a coverage check with threshold plus the coveralls reports working for openQA. Since that, the test coverage improved a lot already.


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