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[epic] Improve of internal process in Yam squad

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We are going to track with this epic the actions that we will take to improve our internal process.
The goal is to increase autonomy of squad members, in particular the one not in position like Scrum Master or Project Owner, encourage them to collaborate more in code review and even in creation and refinement of tickets.
There is a lot of margin to improve in our Scrum process and internal workflow and we should try different proposal to see which one works best.
As a squad we should be able to compensate as well some movement of team members between squads, so we can mentor properly incoming colleagues from other squads and be able to not miss much squad members going to other squad to learn something new.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Creation of proposal to try out to improve the process
AC2: Code review is better shared among the squad
AC3: Ticket creation and refinement doesn't come mostly from the same author


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action #119323: Document in confluence how to check milestone rmt/smt status, make sure rmt/smt can work before triggeringResolvedzoecao

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action #122053: Update Yam Mailing List in source code, openQA job groups and other occurences Resolvedzoecao

action #122137: Improve time/topic management in daily meetings and still be able to see each otherResolvedrainerkoenig

action #122593: Move documentation from Slack to Confluence about 'Accessing YaST Trello'Resolvedsyrianidou_sofia

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