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coordination #121486: [epic] Improve of internal process in Yam squad

Improve time/topic management in daily meetings and still be able to see each other

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Seems that the new version of Teams could help to kick off this pending topic in the Yam squad.
Yam squads need to control the time better on our daily Scrum meetings, in particular the time spent for each on in the round.
Yam squad doesn't want to loose the possibility to see each other at the same time that we see the time ticking.
Additionally a section for 'parking lot' topics visible would be great.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Use a adjustable clock to control time per person talking in daily
AC2: Squad members can still see each other when the tool is running
AC3: (optional) Tool allows to write parking lot ticket with sort subject and the person
AC4: Document tooling used to achieve this in our Confluence space

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Updated by rainerkoenig 9 months ago

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Updated by okurz 9 months ago

Have you considered embracing our company goals and using more open tools? We are happy to use Jitsi in our team. Jitsi has a clock (although not configurable) and allows multiple persons to share screen at the same time and also allows to still see the camera picture in parallel.

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Updated by JERiveraMoya 9 months ago

@rainer, we should give a try in some daily to use having more screens to share can allow moderator to have control of the notes and the clock, I doubt we can make everyone to have that special setup you proposed for the camera ready for each call (question for the squad), it is probably more simple use other tool. On the other hand video quality in jitsi seems worse and not having a good face-to-face experience really bothers me.

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Updated by rainerkoenig 9 months ago

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Since we use the Agile Poker Clock in the dailes now I consider this ticket as resolved.


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