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coordination #97121: [epic] enable qem-bot comments on IBS (was: enable qa-maintenance/openQABot comments on smelt again)

qem-bot comments on IBS size:M

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Spike solution #114415 has been finished, now it needs to be turned into a feature.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: As soon as testing for an individual release request is finished and if there is at least one failing openQA test a comment is written in IBS linking to at least one failing test
  • AC2: If there is no failing openQA test related to an individual release request no comment is written
  • AC3: Only a single comment is ever written on a release request (an existing comment can be updated)


  • Take a look how the openSUSE maintenance bot works in

  • Within qem-bot we already have the feature to send out comments but it seems so far it does not look at the state of openQA jobs so it writes a comment for all release requests whenever triggered which means informing even about all currently running jobs. Maybe the next best task is to actually look at the state and only inform about failing openQA tests

  • Think about moving the trigger point of sending a comment into the approval step of qem-bot or something so when no automatic approval is done instead a comment is written. This is where each individual release request should be looked at

  • Find out if OBS API supports editing comments, otherwise maybe delete old comments ( OBS API has a feature request for editing comments

  • Ensure that only a single comment is written, not multiple whenever qem-bot is called, so either update the existing or delete the old one if OBS does not support updating existing comments

Related issues

Copied from QA - action #114415: [timeboxed:10h][spike solution] qem-bot comments on IBS size:SResolved2022-07-20


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