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enhance bot automatic approval: check multiple days

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Right now the bot will approve an incident only if all tests that include such incident are green at a certain point in time.

Day 1 after incident creation: Test 1 to 10 are green, test 11 fails.
Day 2 after incident creation: Test 1 fails, test 2 to 11 are green.
Day 3 after incident creation: Test 1 is green, test 2 fails, test 3 to 11 are green.

You get the point.
Update is likely fine since all tests were green at least once with the same update code.

While we always work to improve tests stability, it is tricky to find a time where "everything is green" due to test development, new updates that break aggregate runs, infra hiccups etc.

Right now it is slow manual work to crosscheck such results and very error prone.

The bot can check between multiple days to make sure every test was green at least one and approve the update.

Implementation proposal:
Same logic that checks latest run, but if a failure is found, go back in history and check if there was a green result up until incident creation.

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Related to QA - action #104209: [qem] checkpoints for aggregatesNew2021-12-21


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I would lock the result on dashboard on passed job group for the update, add check box or color to make it visible and here we are done.
Now we have constant overlapping and restarting of failures and waiting for results.

#3 Updated by kraih about 1 year ago

The required data to implement this should be present in the dashboard already. It could provide a new REST API endpoint for the bot.

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  • Related to action #104209: [qem] checkpoints for aggregates added

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