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text thumbnail preview feels inconsistent to other screenshots

Added by okurz about 1 month ago. Updated 16 days ago.

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See links like . When walking over screenshot thumbnails in the openQA test details page the preview appears with a nice arrow below the thumbnail. Selecting a text box looks quite different, with no arrow and the line breaking the list of steps displayed.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Screenshot and text view behaviour is confirmed to be consistent by multiple power users


  • Discuss with mkittler the options after mkittler did the new text preview implementation
  • Ask multiple users if they like the behaviour, e.g. based on a video, a test instance or screenshots


#1 Updated by okurz about 1 month ago

  • Parent task set to #19720

#2 Updated by mkittler about 1 month ago

Discuss with mkittler the options after mkittler did the new text preview implementation

I remember that last time I changed the behavior we didn't want to spend too much time on improving it further but of course that's still an option. When I remember correctly, I did the following improvements:

  1. The code for displaying finished results and the code for displaying results while the test is running should now be unified.
  2. There's no further AJAX request required when clicking on a text thumbnail.
  3. The expanded preview of a text thumbnail is more consistent with the way we display text results from external test suits.

I'd say that 1. and 2. should stay this way but of course 3. is something we might want to re-think. At least adding the arrow there as well would make sense.

#3 Updated by dheidler about 1 month ago

Yes, the arrow should get added.
I would also like to see the rest of the current result row (which is currently only displayed below the currently selected result) as otherwise the next step is not directly visible for the reviewer.
They would be shown below, but depending on the size of the result box, this would require scrolling around and is also not consistent with the rest of the results, where the line is not broken.

#4 Updated by okurz 19 days ago

  • Status changed from Workable to New

moving all tickets without size confirmation by the team back to "New". The team should move the tickets back after estimating and agreeing on a consistent size

#5 Updated by okurz 16 days ago

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