action #93940

Updated by dheidler 5 months ago

## Motivation

See links like . When walking over screenshot thumbnails in the openQA test details page the preview appears with a nice arrow below the thumbnail. Selecting a text box looks quite different, with no arrow and the line breaking the list of steps displayed.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** Screenshot and text view behaviour is confirmed to be consistent by multiple power users

## Suggestions
* Discuss with mkittler the options after mkittler did the new text preview implementation
* Ask multiple users if they like the behaviour, e.g. based on a video, a test instance or screenshots
* Don't add more AJAX but prefer a CSS-only solution
* Ensure the current flow of thumbnails and text boxes stays consistent
* Screenshot boxes currently hover on top, but text boxes don't. Both should behave the same. And both should have the little arrow to indicate which result is shown (maybe it would even look better with an additional dark effect like [here]( shown.