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coordination #91142: [qe-core][epic] add product QE exclusive tests to QEM runs to increase coverage

coordination #91193: [epic][qe-core][qem] Add existing console Product QE tests to QEM

[qe-core][qem] Schedule vsftpd in s390x runs

Added by punkioudi 8 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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The fails in s390x, because of the following [bug]
When the bug is resolved, vsftpd has to be removed of the conditional_schedule -> arch_specific area in schedule/qam/common/mau-extratests2.yaml and be transferred to schedule area in the same yaml file.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC0 Help is provided to Peter Simons with understanding what the vsftpd test suite is doing, and this information is documented in a separate ticket, to serve as building block for a test rewrite in the future.
  • AC1 Soft fail on s390 when the failure is the one mentioned in the bug (500 OOPS: vsftpd: security: 'one_process_model')
  • AC2 Verify the bugfix
  • AC3 Schedule tests/console/vsftpd in schedule/qam/common/mau-extratests2.yaml in schedule


The change would require to evaluate the exit code of the test run (the bash script), and evaluate the logs to search for the string, before either soft failing or failing in case another problem arises.


action #95774: [qe-core][qem] Remove soft-fail from in s390x, when the bug is solvedBlocked


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Alternatively, rewriting the test itself would be a good idea.

In general right now Peter Simons needs a bit of help understanding what the test is doing, I adjusted the AC to reflect it

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