action #93270

Updated by szarate about 3 years ago

The fails in s390x, because of the following [[bug]]( 
 When the bug is resolved, vsftpd has to be removed of the `conditional_schedule`    -> `arch_specific` area in `schedule/qam/common/mau-extratests2.yaml` and be transferred to `schedule` area in the same yaml file. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC0** Soft fail on s390 when the failure is the one mentioned in the bug (500 OOPS: vsftpd: security: 'one_process_model') 
 * **AC1** Verify the bugfix 
 * **AC2** Schedule tests/console/vsftpd in `schedule/qam/common/mau-extratests2.yaml` in `schedule` 

 ## Suggestions 

 The change would require to evaluate the exit code of the test run (the bash script), and evaluate the logs to search for the string, before either soft failing or failing in case another problem arises.