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Hello all,

I have started a campaign to migrate as much document, instructions, plans, etc to public in our department. The idea is to build a public community around the quality services and all the quality related open source tests and tools of openSUSE what is actually directly linked to SLE. All of our code is on GitHub anyway and we have 7 scrum teams working on open source stuff anyway. So I do not see any reason to keep too much information and processes behind firewalls on Confluence.

Something similar to what the Yast team has on

Our (for example) page would hold blog posts about best practices and hands on instructions of how to use our tools, how to develop and deploy tests. We could publish there our roadmaps, plans and technical documentations. We could link there all the existing pages about QA stuff.

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Let me answer with some questions:

  • what is "our department"? ;-) (I'd guess QA, and at the same time have to point out that the QA on your request wasn't too good ;-)
  • do you already have some content? (Please answer "yes" ;-) - I'm not a big fan of setting up an empty subdomain that might or might not get content later. One or two articles are a good starting point.)
  • which subdomain do you want? (You mentioned quality.o.o as an example, doesn't sound too bad)

On the technical side, I'd recommend to use Jekyll (assuming it fits what you want to do, but since yast.o.o also uses Jekyll, it likely will fit). This has the advantage that we'll just need to add another github repo and subdomain to our server that already handles several jekyll-based pages - and that also means that the setup will be quite fast.

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Updated by bzoltan1 about 3 years ago

  • Linux Systems - Quality Engineering
  • Yes, we have lots of content to aggregate there
  • sounds awesome :)

Most probably we are going to use Hugo, what is not very different from Jekyll

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Updated by cboltz about 3 years ago

Ah, Quality Engineering, so my guess wasn't too bad ;-)

It would make things much easier if you use Jekyll:

  • We already have a working setup (salt, cronjobs, scripts etc.) for hosting and rendering Jekyll pages. Adding another Jekyll site to our server can be done in 5 minutes :-) (adding 3 lines to our salt code)
  • OTOH, even if Hugo is similar, it will cause much more work for us - which also means it takes much longer to get your site online.

So - unless you have a very good reason to use Hugo, please use Jekyll.

BTW: If you want to give your new site the openSUSE look and feel (like news.o.o and planet.o.o), you can use - just add gem 'jekyll-theme-opensuse', :git => '' to your Gemfile.

Now the only missing part is a link to your github repo that hopefully contains your Jekyll ;-)

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Updated by bzoltan1 about 3 years ago

We have a community in our department with 6-8 active people who mostly use Hugo.

But now I am a bit confused. I really do appreciate your kind offer to set up and render our site. But we are happy to take care of all of it. You really should not take more load or responsibility because of us. All I am asking for is a subdomain and we can take care the rest.

Part of my motivation here is that we build a real community around our own stuff. We should learn how to take care of our own content and contribute to openSUSE infrastructure work. Maybe we can cultivate few more engineers who are going to to contribute to other works too.

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Updated by szarate about 3 years ago

bzoltan1 wrote:

We have a community in our department with 6-8 active people who all use Hugo. Nobody I know in our department uses Jekyll.

I use Jekyll.

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Updated by livdywan about 3 years ago

Can we agree that there's no plan to require a particular setup for blogs included here? And also, I am happy to look into the CI/tooling used to build the "planet", overviews, links to projects and whatever resources we add there. We just need a domain to make this happen, the details are still being fleshed out.

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Updated by cboltz about 3 years ago

I probably thought further than your request and somehow implied that you also want/need a place to host your blog ;-)
And with thinking about hosting it in the openSUSE infrastructure, recommending Jekyll was obvious because we already have a working setup for it.
(Sorry if that caused confusion!)

Of couse giving you "just" the subdomain (basically the DNS entry) and telling you "enjoy doing the setup yourself" is also fine ;-) And of course you can choose whatever software you want for that.

Since you asked about the Jekyll tooling:

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Updated by livdywan about 3 years ago

Hehe, right. I appreciate the offer. Somehow there was also people in chat suddenly talking about "please change all your tooling" and I wanted to be sure these are separate points :-D

I've seen the planet-o-o code, although the news-o-o is news to me (no pun intended), will check it out. I've been playing with a little rust snippet to do something similar but which can pull in more metadata. I think from the conversations we've had we want categories and tags and such to be in the planet as well. Would be cool to compare notes on that, not sure if you had plans there.

No rush in any case, we're still figuring out details like theming, what blogs to include, other resources.

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Any progress here?

@Zoltan: from my understanding: if we are talking about a machine that is used to host some static files that are built via Hugo or Jekyll, it shouldn't be a big problem at all. But I strongly recommend that you have some content first, before we start with the setup of the machine.

I recommend that you start with a project on Github and once you have something to show, we can setup the host under as you like.

Just another example: - These are GitHub-Pages, hosted directly on Github. We just have our DNS pointing to the "right" Github-io-page.

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Hi there - and a Happy and Healthy 2022!

I'm currently closing old tickets which did not see much change.
If the main concern still exists and should be handled, please re-open by just replying to this Email.

Thanks in advance,


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