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yast installation: leverage loghost parameter

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With the loghost parameter of linuxrc ( it's possible to send syslog messages to another host during installation. It does not only log what's actually logged but also sends yast logs and several other files via syslog:

That means it would be possible to collect log output in openqa live as it happens. So logs would even be available if something unexpectedly crashes during install. The post fail hook and explicit log collection steps could be made superfluous or at least radically simplified as no logs have to be uploaded manually anymore.

Getting syslog packets is rather easy, just open a udp port and listen to it. That can be done in few lines of perl. So the code that spawns qemu could do it. The loghost parameter support ip:port syntax, so each worker instance can have a separate syslog listener.

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I took some time to get some experience with it as part of another ticket considering the openqa logs.

A PoC i run included just a normal installation. With this, I imply that the following was not covered so far:

  • How to be used in a scenario with a preinstalled images
  • Collect other log files of interest
  • Isolation and representation of the logs in filesystem per job

Logging Server

and restart the service
(In additional i had also to disable the firewall to let incoming traffic talk to 415 port)

Clients and OpenQA

The concern is how to make the logs to be represented per job. The setup in the logging server logged everything in a file per host. But i havent gone through all the documentation[2][3] to explore all the options.
Another thing is how to include other files, but everything seems possible IMO


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reject without any explanation?

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