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[epic] Test YaST modules with OOP framework with yui-rest-client and validate its configuration

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As a Quality Engineer I would like to improve our testing scenarios for YaST modules.

Currently scenarios are using needling, which is costly in maintenance and we have to be very conservative for expanding it. There are no validations for many of them and not even clear idea what is tested.

Therefore we could do the following:

  • Come up with a list of YaST modules currently maintained and what makes sense to test in ncurses or qt.
  • Target a set of modules (all might be too much) where would be more suitable to apply OOP framework with yui-rest-client.
  • Considering what is tested currently and come up with a suitable test case.
  • Validate configuration based on documentation, asking YaST developers or other sources.
  • Validate configuration, starting with the action performed in the screen (files affected), following defaults visible in the screen and finally some other setting to be checked.
  • No real actions needs to be done with the module, only configuration is checked.


action #88361: Implement smoke test for yast2 system_settings moduleResolvedsyrianidou_sofia

action #88750: Automate yast2 booloader with libyui REST API - Boot Code OptionsWorkable

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