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[sporadic] msdos test fails in validate_fs_table

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SUSE QA tests - SLE 15 SP3
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During msdos partitioning, the home partition is selected to be created with UDF instead of xfs filesystem. Even though, the screen matches at xfs, there is an extra key sent and the result is that home filesystem is UDF and the filesystem validation fails:

openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP3-Online-x86_64-msdos@svirt-xen-pv fails in

Similar behavior has been seen before for SWAP partition but was not investigated:

So we should stabilize test execution that we do not end up sending one extra key press, after wanted filesystem is selected.

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Last good: 51.1 (or more recent)

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Always latest result in this scenario: latest


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Unfortunately the links for failures in description have expired. I tried to reproduce it, it worked 20 times in a raw ( so either it's too sporadic to be worried about, or something has been improved in the infrastructure that makes it no longer happen.

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