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[functional][y] Implement workaround for shutdown failure on Hyper-V.

Added by syrianidou_sofia over 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Shutdown module fails on Hyper-V for test suites with DESKTOP=gnome, in scenarios where previous module leaves system in tty2 or tty6, due to bug#1171290. OpenQA failure could be replaced with soft failure until the bug is fixed. An easy way would be to create a needle for the stall screen and when matched, any window (e.g. terminal) would maximize and minimize. The movement of the window should resolve the stall screen and the shutdown module should then be able to be completed successfully.

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  • Shutdown module finishes with soft failure.


#1 Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

  • Due date set to 2020-06-16
  • Category set to Enhancement to existing tests
  • Target version set to SLE 15 SP2

#2 Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

  • Due date changed from 2020-06-16 to 2020-06-30

We should get a patch in upcoming builds.

#3 Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

We should get a patch soon (maybe already), so workaround might not be required anymore.

#4 Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

  • Due date deleted (2020-06-30)
  • Target version changed from SLE 15 SP2 to SLE 15 SP3

Patch was released as an update, so let's see if we need to do anything when SLE 15 SP3 is out.

#5 Updated by riafarov about 1 year ago

  • Project changed from openQA Tests to qe-yast
  • Category deleted (Enhancement to existing tests)
  • Status changed from New to Blocked

#6 Updated by syrianidou_sofia about 1 year ago

The skip_registration test suite is disabled for 64bit svirt architectures. The coverage was replaced by allmodules+allpatterns+registration test suite.

Blocked by failure on
Once the issue is resolved and we manage to check if shutdown works on Hyper-V, we can resolve this ticket.

Relevant ticket for fix:

#7 Updated by riafarov 11 months ago

  • Status changed from Blocked to New

#8 Updated by oorlov 6 months ago

  • Target version changed from SLE 15 SP3 to Current

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