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Prevent depletion of space on / with extra partition or quota on /home and/or /tmp (both o3 and osd)

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Happened again that we receive a monitoring alert for / being full (but recovered soon after) after a user logged in, did some actions involing bigger space needs and realized the problem.


This can cause disruption of services. The root volume is only 10GB for both osd and o3 which is ok for VMs but users do not realize that /home and /tmp is therefore not able to hold big data.


Enable user quotas (using aquota) or mount another partition for /home and/or /tmp , e.g. maybe simply a qcow file?

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#1 Updated by nicksinger over 1 year ago

I now created a (raw) disk on OSD located at /srv/homes.img (5G in size) and added an according fstab entry for it. I did go with a raw file since it is easier compared to a qcow2 to mount it via fstab. This should for now at least ease our problems with users writing too big files into their homes.

#2 Updated by okurz 9 months ago

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#3 Updated by okurz 7 months ago

  • Related to action #70939: [alert] ** PROBLEM Service Alert: partition is WARNING ** added

#4 Updated by mkittler 7 months ago

On o3 we still have 3 TiB disk space where we could place the home directories on: /dev/vdb1 5,0T 2,1T 3,0T 42% /space

So I guess we could easily move /home to that partition and bind-mount that directory as /home.

#5 Updated by okurz 7 months ago

I suggest we follow #59933#note-1 with the same approach. This way we can limit the space that is used by /home

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