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[functional][u] Change even more occurrences of /.*_run.[' "]zypper.*/ to zypper_call

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Status:FeedbackStart date:14/05/2019
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Category:Enhancement to existing testsEstimated time:42.00 hours
Target version:SUSE QA tests - Milestone 30


Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: There are no occurrences of /.*_run.[' "]zypper.*/


# replace
$ret = script_run("zypper -n $command $printer; ( exit \${PIPESTATUS[0]} )", $timeout);
# to
$ret = zypper_call("-n $command $printer");

The remaining occurences (after #51467 was done) where zypper is calles without using zypper_call are eg:

  • One liner scripts where eg zypper output is piped somewhere
  • Calls to zypper lifecycle that don't support the global -n option that zypper_call always adds

So we should decide, if they are worth being replaced as well.

Related issues

Copied from openQA Tests - action #51467: [functional][u] Change all occurrences of /.*_run.[' "]zy... Resolved 14/05/2019


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Imho we should keep them as is, they all one liners and the effort to change that would be too big for too little gain

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needs to be discussed offline

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