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13:25 openQA Tests action #70738: [kernel][epic] SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching 15
There was a confusion about `QA-SLE Functional Userspace` and `QA-SLE Kernel Userspace`.
Now it is clarified and K...
09:04 openQA Tests action #64812: [functional][u][sporadic] test fails in shutdown - Screen buffer shows old display state instead of locked screen, ensure_unlocked_desktop thinks it is unlocked and test fails later
szarate wrote:
> Here we go again:
> > That gives more tim...
05:43 openQA Tests action #71044: [u] extra_tests_transactional_server on Tumbleweed x86_64
zluo wrote:
> there is no transactional_server.qcow2 available on O3 for TW. So we need to create this at first and ...


09:47 openQA Tests action #71044: [u] extra_tests_transactional_server on Tumbleweed x86_64
The reason why we need a `extra_tests_transactional_server` is because for SLE, the installation is done in the Yast ...


09:18 openQA Tests action #20052 (Workable): [functional][u][userspace] Unused QA_WEB_REPO, QA_HEAD_REPO, SLENKINS_TESTSUITES_REPO variables added to sle media -> should only be added where necessary
09:13 openQA Tests action #37507: [opensuse] extend gimp test module
Not for QSF-U
09:12 openQA Tests action #62480 (Workable): [functional][u] Implement functions that return the tty number of a console given a name


14:27 openQA Tests action #71245 (Resolved): [u] test fails in scc_registration - update repos for BCL product where wrong until SP3, synced repos into OSD needs to use the expected path
## Observation
Test started failing since SLE15-SP3 BCL updates repo in SCC used the expected path.
Repos for SP1...


12:10 openQA Tests action #70765: [u] Product bugs that should not be present on BETA phase
## SLE15-SP3 BCL product is misconfigured
#### SLE15-SP2
- Last good SLE15-SP2 209.2:


14:57 openQA Tests action #59876 (Rejected): test fails in partitioning_raid because 'Expert Partitioner' shortcut is 'x' for Leap15.2 ppc64le
Was already fixed:

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