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09:38 am openQA Tests action #45326 (Workable): [sle][functional][u][s390x[kvm] test fails in bootloader_zkvm - "Cannot...
coolgw wrote:
> @ SLindoMansilla @ szarate @okurz I saw the PR already merged, then the automatic restart can work...


10:46 am openQA Tests action #55682: [qam] test fails in mailserver_setup
Assigned to test module maintainer
10:05 am openQA Tests action #55703 (New): [epic][functional][u] send_keys() doesn't guarantee that the application wil...
## Observation
After several issues with "missing keys" when modifiers+normal_keys are involved, we realized that ...
09:40 am openQA Tests action #54428: [functional][u] long runtime of extra_test_in_textmode (~2h)
Let's make a meeting between U-Team and QAM to come up with a proposal.
09:31 am openQA Tests action #54365 (Rejected): [functional][u] post_fail_hook hangs in boot_to_desktop
The feature of QEMU backend save memory dump was already disabled by okurz
09:11 am openQA Tests action #45146: [functional][u] Replace wrappers of wrappers for consoles with proper 'select_cons...
Assigning to okurz until discussion is resolved.
Feel free to reassign.
09:08 am openQA Tests action #51413: [functional][u] Automatic checks for missing documentation in /lib
For checking missing documentation of particular functions inside a file taking into account that there are functions...
07:33 am openQA Tests action #39305 (Feedback): [functional][u] 42.3 upgrade tests use GM image instead of updated one
Test suites found with regex /^update_/ replaced to "upgrade_".
Waiting for agreement on the following tasks.
06:55 am openQA Tests action #55676: [opensuse] test fails in updates_packagekit_kde
Is there anything against merging **tests/update/** and **tests/update/updates_packagekit_gp...
06:51 am openQA Tests action #55664: [opensuse] test fails in application_starts_on_login (opensuse-welcome)
Suggestion, since this is needed by other modules (see #55661), a function would be useful.

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