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[PjM][epic][tools] Share openQA Hardware between SUSE and openSUSE

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I discussed that topic shortly with Santi. Good ideas but needs definitely a decision from Coolo & other openSUSe people.

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This is a hell lot of work involving network architecture, security measurements, logging, scheduling and rethinking adminstration. And what is the business value? being able to safe one server in the budget?

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Richard, I think it would be good if you shed some light here, as you were the one proposing it in the beginning :).

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No, I'm really not the right person to assign this to - this is not my job any more, neither as a Linux Distribution Engineer nor as openSUSE chairman

It's a SLE QA Department responsibility to help openSUSE with openQA.

SUSE purchased 3 workers for openSUSE and only gave it 2

SUSE has higher demands for hardware, but openSUSE is struggling now

Marita was driving a solution to managing all of the openQA hardware. Managing two sets of hardware is harder than one.

We have support for shared workers

o3 is already totally isolated from all other openSUSE infrastructure
osd is it's own beast from all SUSE infrastructure

merging the two networks so that o3 and osd can both draw from the same pool seems to be the sensible, logical way of balancing the requirements from both osd and o3

If this approach is not accepted, than as openSUSE Chairman I formally request that openSUSE receive the 'missing' o3 worker that was purchased at the same time as openqaworker1 and openqaworker4, or a suitable alternative.

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IMHO in line with what coolo and rbrown stated: Sponsoring more openSUSE hardware is most likely cheaper and easier for SUSE to do than to combine networks. Having to administer just one network might be easier but the existing two also offer their benefits: Tick-Tock openQA deployments, our kind of A/B testing :) Streamlining the administration, e.g. by saltifying o3 more can be beneficial of course :)

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I'm unassigning myself from this for the time being

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@maritawerner ok to set this ticket to "rejected" based on the evaluation by coolo and RBrownSUSE?

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Hi, I am fine to reject that ticket if that is so complicated.

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