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Iso image of Parent Job is downloaded even if "--skip-deps" property is specified while cloning Child Job

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start cloning any Job that is linked to Parent one with "--skip-deps" property (e.g. wicked_basic: OpenSUSE Tumbleweed > {build_number} > wicked_basic );
  2. Wait until the cloning process will be finished;
  3. Focus on the output in Terminal and check what the files were downloaded.

Expected result:
Only ".qcow2" image is downloading.
Actual result:
Both ".iso" and ".qcow2" images are downloaded, though ".iso" is not required for starting Child Job, as an appropriate ".qcow2" image contains all the required data.

Please, see the screenshot for more details.

NOTE: The same issue is reproduced while cloning Child Job with the "--skip-chained-deps".

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The ISO image is downloaded because it also belongs to the child job, e.g. take a look on the extra_tests_in_textmode scenario that boots a qcow image provided by a parent but the settings specify both ISO and HDD. Having the ISO also does make a difference, e.g. it might be configured to be used as a repo source within openSUSE/SLE. What we can try to do is to override the ISO with ISO= when we do not need it. Or should be try to automatically delete ISO when HDD is specified? Then we would need to still foresee a way to specify an ISO if one really wants to. I favor the first option. Let me see if we can already override ISO in the test settings in which is in "Development: Tumbleweed" anyway. So I added ISO= in "yast2_ui_devel" in and will wait for the next TW snapshot.

EDIT: still shows the ISO. I assume we need to overwrite with +ISO=. Done that, waiting for next build.

EDIT: 2019-11-13: yast2_ui_devel is nearly never triggered as it relies on yast2_ncurses. Trying with different scenario

openqa-clone-job --skip-chained-deps --within-instance 1083960 _GROUP=0 BUILD= TEST=okurz_poo33946_gnuhealth ISO=

Created job #1084352: opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Build20191112-gnuhealth@64bit ->

The job passed and cloning that one does only trigger a download of the needed qcow image, no ISO image. I made that change live now on the test suite "gnuhealth".

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So I see two independant ways how to continue:

  • Somehow make an empty ISO variable the default when an HDD is used -> #59397
  • Specify +ISO= on all test suites that do not need the ISO -> #59394

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