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Make openQA less "iso" centric

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Initially openQA was invented to test "ISOs", nowadays it is much more than that, e.g. with booting HDD images for JeOS as well as in many downstream jobs after installation. Things like the API route operation "isos post" feels outdated and confusing as well as having an ISO commonly set on all jobs even if not required can cause useless traffic and usage of space (see #59394)


  • Somehow make an empty ISO variable the default when an HDD is used
  • Add/rename API route to a more generic one
  • Check for occurences of "ISO" where we most likely mean a more generic "product" and change that

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#1 Updated by okurz 3 months ago

  • Copied from action #33946: Iso image of Parent Job is downloaded even if "--skip-deps" property is specified while cloning Child Job added

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