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[gsoc] Investigate/implement container-based backend

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As spoken briefly with Richard, i couldn't find an already open issue regarding containers support in the backend, so opening a new one.

User story

As a tester, i want to be able to test containers and validating images before going further down in the pipelines. (e.g. testing images before being used for deploying container-based services in multi-machine environments)

acceptance criteria

  • AC1: transparent implementation to support different types of containerization technologies ( docker, rkt, lxc .. )
  • AC2: do not have to increase tweakings or options to overwhelm the tester
  • AC3: try to provide maximum compatibility on features that we use already in VM-based backends
  • ...


  • Investigate required changes to the codebase and look into cpan if there are modules that we could use
  • Provide basic support to handle containers operations in the backend side
  • Add support for the docker backend (as we use it in some of our products)
  • ...

further details

Investigate if makes sense implement a backend for containers.
In case it is, we should discuss also what container-based backend(s) we would like to add support to.

A backend capable of directly testing containers could be useful since we provide container images, and might add business value as well ( as CaaSP is using docker ).

Related issues

Related to openQA Project - action #30074: Use container as a product under test Rejected 09/01/2018
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#1 Updated by coolo almost 3 years ago

testing containers within reference vms is good enough for the moment - and we have other requirements that are not possible at all. So I'm inclined to set this to future milestone

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  • Subject changed from [tools]Investigate/implement container-based backend to Investigate/implement container-based backend
  • Target version set to future

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  • Related to action #30074: Use container as a product under test added

#4 Updated by EDiGiacinto about 2 years ago

  • Subject changed from Investigate/implement container-based backend to [gsoc] Investigate/implement container-based backend

#5 Updated by szarate about 2 years ago

Talking to panos, he mentioned this (Which seems to be using systemd-nspawn)

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  • Target version changed from future to future

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  • Related to action #12804: [functional][u][sles][opensuse][installation] Do more easy to debug tests by using chroot installations … or containers :) added

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