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closed doesn't work without http(s):// in the hostname

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If you do not provide http(s) then you will end up with the following error:

ultron:~ # /usr/share/openqa/script/ --from --skip-chained-deps --host `hostname -f` -v 356589 TESTDEBUG=1
unexpected return code: 301 Moved Permanently at /usr/share/openqa/script/ line 189.

Workaround, is to use http(s):// in the hostname:

ultron:~ # /usr/share/openqa/script/ --from --skip-chained-deps --host `hostname -f` -v 356589 TESTDEBUG=1

I would like the error message to say something like: please use http(s):// or (better) add the missing http(s):// part automatically in the background.

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This is more regarding infrastructure than how jobs are being scheduled.

An excerpt from the documentation shows the following, implicitly explaining how to interact with remote hosts. --from --host localhost 24 TESTDEBUG=1 SKIPTO=consoletest-yast2_i

I see no point in adding a check for error codes like this (Because then... you have also 404, 500, and so on), I more value would be in adding a pitfall to express similar situations in the docs.

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30X are no errors, they are redirects - and normal HTTP clients follow them. So before you add anything to the docs - rather change the client.

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agreed. client can be improved and also it's good practice to always try https if not forced by the user to not use it.

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PR to simply follow the redirect:

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