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[tools][dashboard]Show job relation on '/tests'

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User story

As a user of '/tests' looking at jobs with relations, I want to directly see the relations so that I do not need to check each job in detail

acceptance criteria

  • AC1: (see below)
  • AC2: Additionally to icons showing that there are job relations the job relations themselves should be shown


  • DONE: Check if the information to the dependency is available on the template implementation -> yes, they are available
  • DONE: if the information is available, make use of it to point to the dependant job directly -> actually has been there in before with a highlighting effect
  • DONE: First test already present highlighting effect on hover -> gh#os-autoinst/openQA#1156
  • DONE: Improve documentation of highlighting effect -> gh#os-autoinst/openQA#1156
  • Improve highlighting for relatives on different pages

further details

Repeating the information from the job link in the icons seems to not add much value. It would be great if the corresponding icons show the dependency directly. If that is not feasible one can also make the icons not a link
at all.

Original, discarded acceptance criteria before we "re-discovered" the highlighting feature: AC1: The icons for "chained", "dependency passed", "dependency failed" point as links to the dependant job, not the job result of the table row itself

Related issues 1 (0 open1 closed)

Related to openQA Project - coordination #15850: [epic] Improve displaying job dependenciesResolvedmkittler2019-11-18

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  • Problem is that there might be multiple (actually a lot of) parents/children
    • concerns also dependency passed/failed icon
  • Possible solutions which would also help with the user story
    1. Popover, but it might be incomprehensible for lots of parents/children
    2. Link leads to extra page showing dependencies (maybe in nice graph)

I would prefer 2.

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The original user story was written in a bad way by me prescribing the expected implementation which is wrong. I updated the whole description and what I see now is that the only task necessary is to do

  • Improve highlighting for relatives on different pages

I will leave the design choices to you on this but I am sure you will find people which have an opinion on this :-)

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I guess this was at last fixed with

commit 7f085066
Author: Ettore Di Giacinto <>
Date:   Fri Jul 27 16:12:55 2018 +0200

    Highlight blocked jobs with orange colour

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