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Last time I was able to login successfully on IIRC was Friday. I've been needing to since Saturday, but 5 different web browsers with 6 different user profiles have all produced rejection, either in the form of "The username or password you entered is not valid.", or simply a refresh of the login page. Clearing cookies has no effect, nor browser restarts. I mentioned this on IRC in opensuse-admin, and CBoltz also mentioned cannot login just before 17:00 UTC on Sunday. I tried logging in on too. The first time succeeded, but every attempt since was rejected in same manner as on b.o.o. Most places I login as mrmazda, but on BZ my email address is used.


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#3 Updated by mrmazda about 2 months ago

I tried Firefox ESR91 in a virgin profile on a completely different user and PC, & I still get the same "The username or password you entered is not valid."

#4 Updated by bmwiedemann about 1 month ago

There is one known issue, where a login will fail without any error message, but if it says, "The username or password you entered is not valid.", I'd assume you did not use username "mrmazda" or used the wrong password. Does that combination work on ?

For the record:
The account looks OK in LDAP and I was able to login with 2 different accounts.

Bugzilla has the @earthlink addr in its DB - same as LDAP.

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Just as all (attempted, as I don't remember every possible URL) logins except bugzilla succeeded lately when attempted, so did when using mrmazda, but not when using email. Bugzilla was failing whether email or mrmazda was used, sometimes by simply redrawing the login page, sometimes by producing "The username or password you entered is not valid.". It seems to be that most of the time, redraw happened several times before "The username or password you entered is not valid." showed up. My recollection is that, historically, I've been using the email address on bugzilla, and mrmazda elsewhere on While composing this response, on Bugzilla I tried both in SeaMonkey 2.53.12, and both failed. So I deciding to try again using FF ESR91 on, first using email address, which failed there too. Then I tried mrmazda, and it worked. Attempting to then goto produced a not logged in state, where another attempt with email address failed, but with mrmazda succeeded. Before logging out I went back to SeaMonkey to try again, and it failed both ways. I then logged out on ESR91, and again tried both ways in SM. Email failed, and so did mrmazda. Next, in about:config I created;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:91.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/91.0. Email address again failed, but mrmazda logged me in.

Just guessing, my normal general.useragent.compatMode.firefox;false setting could have been the problem (SeaMonkey in the UA string instead of Firefox). What would have explained it in Palemoon, Falkon & Chromium I suppose was trying email address before mrmazda would cause a lockout for mrmazda. Now that I've been through this I hopefully will remember to ignore suggestions to use an email address on b.o.o., whereas on,,,, and every other bugzilla I can think of require email address, and say so on their "Bugzilla – Log in to Bugzilla" pages. All, including, when logged in, are showing my email address as my login name.

What a zoo. In my other SeaMonkey profile, also set not to advertise Firefox in UA, I tried again first with email, and again failed. Then I tried again with mrmazda, and failed, twice. However on the third try, it logged me in. Next I tried starting first with mrmazda on Falkon, Palemoon and Chromium, and succeeded with all.

I guess I'll see what happens on next tries following the obligatory highly annoying login timeouts, when hopefully my now deleted email address login names are no longer remembered by the browsers' login memory systems. If this succeeds through a few cycles I'll return here to confirm simply not using email seems to be key, though still an actual UA that is not Firefox seems could be a suspicious secondary influence.

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BTW bmwiedemann, thanks for your attention to this!!! :)

#7 Updated by cboltz about 1 month ago

A few notes / hints:

  • even if you can use the same username and password everywhere in *, we have different login servers (and therefore different cookies) for various services. Some services share a login server, some don't - check the IP or CNAME if you are interested.
  • bugzilla.o.o login always worked with the username, never with the mail address (even if bugzilla uses the mail address internally)
  • please always define "fail" - does it display an error message, or does it "just" display the login form again?
  • I'm surprised that the user agent might be relevant here - I've had several cases of getting the login form again, but finally could login without changing the user agent

Bernhard, do you know when that known issue (with re-displaying the login form) will get solved? I've seen it often enough ;-)

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