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07:07 am openSUSE admin tickets #60998 (Feedback): Suspicious Russian domain mirror for Leap 15.1
Thanks for the report, Chris. It does look odd, but "l37-193-156-169.novotelecom.ru" is legit - aka "mirror.linux-ia...


08:39 am openSUSE admin tickets #47984 (Resolved): Register mirror opensusemirror.lihaso.com
Probably should close this, mirror is up and running.


08:33 am openSUSE admin tickets #60476 (Feedback): ftp.fsn.hu is missing from download.opensuse.org
Hi Peter
it doesn't look like FSN is actively synchronizing? Tumbleweed is way out of date, as are the Leap 15.1 ...
07:31 am openSUSE admin tickets #23728: Fwd: Unsubscribed from sourcedvd@opensuse.org: sourcedvd@hydra.opensuse.org
I have honestly no idea what should or should not be happening here. There is still only one subscriber to this list...


06:11 pm openSUSE admin tickets #60647 (Resolved): openSuSE mirror problem - new IP for espejito.fder.edu.uy
No problem, thanks for getting back to me.
03:45 pm openSUSE admin tickets #60719: Add member to election-officials mail list
Ishwon wrote:
> Thanks. I have informed Ariez to send a mail to election-officials+subscribe@opensuse.org. That shou...
03:09 pm openSUSE admin tickets #60719 (In Progress): Add member to election-officials mail list
fyi, he really only needs to send a subscription request. That'll be moderated, and I can accept it.
08:18 am openSUSE admin tickets #60647 (In Progress): openSuSE mirror problem - new IP for espejito.fder.edu.uy
Yeah I suppose so, even if it's only for four days. :-) Setting due for end of next week, to remove that address again.


03:41 pm openSUSE admin tickets #53237 (Resolved): mirror request
Sorry, I forgot about this one. Your mirror is now on-line:
# mb scan -e mirrors.netix.net
Sun Dec 1 11...
11:27 am openSUSE admin tickets #53267: new experimental mirror
rsync is now just being refused:
@ERROR: access denied to opensuse from UNKNOWN (2a03:7520:4c68:1:221:86ff:fe4...

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