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09:53 openSUSE admin tickets #71923: New OpenSUSE mirror [US]
pjessen wrote:
> For adding '' to the rsync ACL, we need the reverse mapping to be in place too.
> ...
09:47 openSUSE admin tickets #72301 (Closed): A lot of spam at email address
I'm going to close this one, although I do agree we may have room for optimisations wrt spam filtering.
09:45 openSUSE admin tickets #71647: Please add new mirror -
Still unable to parse the directory listing format.
09:44 openSUSE admin tickets #73291 (Resolved): uyuni-translation mailing list creation
pagarcia wrote:
> Please enable HTML mail in uyuni-translation, as it is for uyuni-devel and uyuni-users.
09:35 openSUSE admin tickets #75262: is back online
Thanks for letting us know Carsten. We never manually disabled the mirror, so I expect the new status will have been...
07:45 openSUSE admin tickets #75292 (Feedback): down wrote:
> Hello!
> Just wanted to let you all know it appears that is
> down.


09:20 openSUSE admin tickets #73384 (Resolved): New Mirror in Moldova wrote:
> Hello sirs.
> Thank you for the update.
> Yes you can add IP for rsync.
09:14 openSUSE admin tickets #72094 (Resolved): New Ukrainian mirror -
Okay, your mirror is now on-line:
# mb scan -e fastm
Wed Oct 21 08:20:55 2020 starting
08:18 openSUSE admin tickets #73255: Close IRC channel #opensuse-ru
I have no idea where this might be done, or if it is even something we (the Heroes) can do.


11:21 openSUSE admin tickets #72133: RE: need to contact mail admins
Pharaoh_Atem wrote:
> My problem with *not* mangling the header and not appending the footer is that we can't ensu...

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