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07:06 openSUSE admin tickets #96161: Problem with sha256 file for Leap 15.3 --- internal file name does not match distribution iso name. Checksum? wrote:
> Using
> Downloaded these via wget.


16:01 openSUSE admin tickets #93585: Inactive mirror - ?
No response so far.
15:59 openSUSE admin tickets #93874 (Resolved): updates/leap/15.3/backports empty
This should be fixed now.


10:17 openSUSE admin tickets #95602 (Resolved): Meeting reminder mail not sent
Okay, all done.
09:48 openSUSE admin tickets #93955 (Resolved): Re: wrote:
> When I look at the Factory list the last message is from 07/05/2021 @
> 10:15 pm...
09:42 openSUSE admin tickets #94063 (Rejected): Downloads are painfully slow
No feedback for over a month.
08:40 openSUSE admin tickets #95602: Meeting reminder mail not sent
Is there any chance this might be related:
There is a cronjob on 'pinot': Cron <mail_reminder@pinot> /home/mail_rem...
06:52 openSUSE admin tickets #94243 (Feedback): Alternative Downloads doesn't work
Can't reproduce either, the following links work just fine:
06:46 openSUSE admin tickets #95251 (Feedback): mails getting lost from ->
Not sure if there is much I can do - I have not touched our mail server setup, and it seems to be working fine.
06:40 openSUSE admin tickets #95512 (Feedback): Some mirrors do not have openSUSE-Leap-15.3-JeOS.x86_64-OpenStack-Cloud.qcow2
juliogonzalezgil wrote:
> Any news? :-)
It's holiday time, things take longer ...
> One example for US is
> h...

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