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09:07 am openSUSE admin tickets #65160: change email and allow ips
Okay, I have added 'hosted-by.nxthost.com' to the ACL.
08:19 am openSUSE admin tickets #65085: Failed rsync runs with stage, missing updates
I took a quick look at the time, I think pontifex was way overloaded. I don't know if it still is.


05:05 pm openSUSE admin tickets #65160 (Feedback): change email and allow ips
a) I have updated the mirror contact address to mirrors-upate@nxthost
b) - reverse map is mirrors.nx...
04:51 pm openSUSE admin tickets #63514: mirror not enabled - tux.rainside.sk
Response from admin:
sorry it seems i missed your email. ofc you can keep us as public mirror


06:38 pm openSUSE admin tickets #40574: Email: tls configuration for anna/elsa
I have enabled opportunistic TLS on anna and elsa, don't know why it took me so long. We had messages queueing up du...
03:35 pm openSUSE admin tickets #65103 (Closed): openSUSE repo download mirror problem over HTTPS
amontero@tinet.org wrote:
> I can easily switch to plain http, since it's no big deal, but I
> wanted to report i...


02:18 pm openSUSE admin tickets #65010: rsync.opensuse.org / widehat.opensuse.org -> HTTP Server not listening on IPv6 Ad...
Thanks for report Dominik. widehat does listen for rsync on ipv6, but somehow not for http traffic.
One comment ...


09:58 am openSUSE admin tickets #62888: dead mirror - OVH - http://opensuse.mirrors.ovh.net/opensuse/
Still getting an http 500 from their nginx config.
09:57 am openSUSE admin tickets #62558 (Resolved): dead mirror - China Central Conservatory of Music - http://fundawang.l...
Still does not resolve, I'll delete this mirror.
09:54 am openSUSE admin tickets #48659 (Feedback): Only 1 Mirror in U.S. - Move Content to CDN
The vast majority of mirrors do not carry repositories/, most likely due to
1) size,
2) rate of change and

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