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[epic] assets listing for job groups

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The setting in "Job group -> Edit job group properties -> Size limit for assets " allows to set space limit for assets used by jobs. Size of all used assets is also shown in "Size of exclusively kept assets".

  • However, this still does not allow the administrator to actually see what files are used and to manually delete irrelevant ones to protect other vital ones against deletion during asset cleanup; e.g. on one of our testing machine one job group has "Size of exclusively kept assets" suspiciously high (~260GB) while quite normal for others (~16GB). It it not possible to determine if it is just some glitch or there is really some stranded asset and the only option is to increase "Size limit for assets" which kind of defeats the purpose of having asset cleanup in the first place.

  • I propose to enhance the "Size of exclusively kept assets" to some expandable / scrollable listing of all mentioned assets, preferably ordered/ordereable by size (decreasing), perhaps some expandable tree showing sizes and number of assets in each node. Perhaps also some limitations to list only some sane number of files if there is many thousands of asset files on given level.

This would allow the administrator to optimize assets needed and easily identify space hogging ones.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We should look into different options, i.e. workarounds for the time being and related features to be implemented later. Turning this into an epic.

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Assets are listed by their (parent) group on This page only allows to delete an asset using the table (which isn't grouped) but it would be easy to add delete buttons in the tree-list below the table as well.

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Hi, valid idea and I like it. Currently exceeding our team capacity though

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I would also wait for user feedback before working on this because it seems that the user filing the issue was not aware of the already existing list on


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