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17:14 openQA Project action #137441 (New): Timestamps to the screenshots in openQA result list to relate to log files
So far it is very complicated to relate logs from autoinst-log.txt to respective screenshots and that hinders tests d... psladek
15:13 qe-yam action #89488: Add timestamps to the screenshots being shown in openQA
riafarov wrote:
> In order to simplify investigations, would be helpful if all screenshots in openQA would have time...
14:08 openQA Project action #135824: Add 'open raw' and 'clipboard copy' to openqa text screenshots
kraih wrote in #note-3:
> tinita wrote in #note-2:
> > When you're talking about "textdata based screenshots", do y...


14:53 openQA Project action #135824 (New): Add 'open raw' and 'clipboard copy' to openqa text screenshots
It would be convenient to easy copy text from textdata based screenshots. So far only 'ctrl+a' in browser is possibl... psladek


16:37 openQA Project coordination #98412 (New): [epic] assets listing for job groups
The setting in "_Job group -> Edit job group properties -> Size limit for assets_ " allows to set space limit for as... psladek


19:00 openQA Project action #88347 (Resolved): upload_asset function fails for larger files
## Observation
When the upload_asset() function is called in SUT on files larger than (exactly) 256kiB, they are upl...


11:28 openQA Tests action #11920: autoyast reboot can interfere with grub timeout
Sorry, it somehow slipped out of my mind when I started to work on SLEPOS tests,
will look into this when time permi...


15:01 openQA Project action #10482: extend isos post TEST parameter
Not just that; the for cycle way unfortunately does not work, since the latter command somehow resets the previous on... psladek


15:48 openQA Project action #10482 (Resolved): extend isos post TEST parameter
The TEST parameter is very useful to run only one test from an iso job group. It would be nice if it could also selec... psladek


16:52 openQA Project action #4602: Migrate AutoYaST tests from
added sle11 needles to gitlab psladek

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