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MirrorBrain scanner is stuck

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Dear openSUSE infra team,

I think the MB scanner is stuck and it does not update the file lists. I
also see the normal scanner connections from on opensuse
dir and on the isos.

My mirror hasn't received a single iso or package (ZYpp) download since
yesterday morning. [21/May/2021:08:56:32 +0200]

Output from

"No mirror was found

I am very sorry, but no mirror was found. Feel free to download directly:

Powered by MirrorBrain"

The other download pages also give this result.

Would you be so kind and fix this issue?

Thank you for your help in advance!




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Bernhard already looked at it and determined it was mirrordb2 having a problem:

I fixed it for now my switching pontifex2:
to use mirrordb1 again.

mirrordb2's postgres would not start (probably replication needs some
kicking again) but I wonder if that replication is really worth all the hassle.

Often enough HA setups decrease availability via increased complexity
causing increased fragility.

E.g. booting up a single node always just works, but rebooting a pair of
HA nodes might well have both of them reject work for fear of split-brain.

The scanner continues to use mirrordb1.

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I also setup a local haproxy on pontifex2 to forward to mirrordb2 if available and fallback to mirrordb1 otherwise.

The advantage is that this makes outages less noticeable, but the downside is that we also notice outages less, so would need better monitoring.

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