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[sporadic][timeboxed:10h] test fails in mediacheck on svirt uefi

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We need to investigate what happens, as we already saw some issues with unexpected reboots of the VMs.

@Joaquin should be able to help to find the bug entry ;)

It seems like the function "select_bootmenu_more" doesn't select the expected item in the grub menu. For UEFI, there are some additional steps in the function:

    if (get_var('UEFI')) {
        send_key 'e';
        send_key 'down' for (1 .. 4);
        send_key 'end';
        # newer versions of qemu on arch automatically add 'console=ttyS0' so
        # we would end up nowhere. Setting console parameter explicitly
        # See for details
        push @params, 'console=tty1' if get_var('MACHINE') =~ /aarch64/;
        # Hyper-V defaults to 1280x1024, we need to fix it here
        push @params, get_hyperv_fb_video_resolution if check_var('VIRSH_VMM_FAMILY', 'hyperv');
        type_boot_parameters(" @params ");
        send_key 'f10';

All look good until f10 is pressed. The mediacheck is supposed to start at this point, but instead, the grub menu appears.

related ticket :

openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP3-Online-x86_64-mediacheck@svirt-hyperv-uefi fails in

Test suite description

Select the mediacheck option from the installation menu and assert a successful media check.


Fails since (at least) Build 114.1 (current job)

Expected result

Last good: 109.1 (or more recent)

Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: latest


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I've investigated the issue and unfortunately it is not a problem of a test design. After hitting F10, hyperv seems to be crashed and just restarts again. I've noticed that on video from installation, "Hyper V" splash screen appears after the F10 is pressed Please, see the screenshot "mediacheck_hyperv_uefi_crash.png". I've found similar issue

So, this looks like Hyper V-related issue.

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