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action #68350: Improve package and base OS version support

Improve package and base OS version support: Update contribution hints or review checklists for package impact

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When we introduce new dependencies or require a new version of our dependencies we should be careful that the base operating systems still provide all what is needed.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Our review process ensures that package impact is considered (human review or automatic checks)


  • Update contribution hints or review checklists, e.g. to look out for package builds, make sure packages and updated packages are submitted to openSUSE Factory and whatever current Leap version is in development
  • Optional: Automatic check of (new) package dependencies against what is available in openSUSE Factory and/or Tumbleweed
  • Optional: As above but for current Leap version in development to ensure new dependencies are also submitted to Leap if not already in
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Updated by mkittler over 3 years ago

We have checks for the OBS build when a PR is submitted and it actually fulfills AC1.

However, so far only @coolo knows how it works and it is unclear where to find documentation. Hence I don't like to mark the ticket as resolved. Maybe @coolo can enlighten us how the OBS checks work? Then someone could also look into the optional ideas mentioned in the suggestions.

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Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

The check is just (I think) running somewhere. We tried to run the OBS trigger in a CI pipeline itself but we did not find a way to store necessary OBS credentials properly so we use the current way. However the automatic check is not the same. It helps but does not cover all. We should state what we commonly follow, as I suggested in "Suggestions", e.g. that we only use packages that are in Factory and need to submit new packages to Factory otherwise.

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PR is merged so it's in the docs for us.


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