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[funcional][y] Examine soft-failures in nis mm tests

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Enhancement to existing tests
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Certain soft-failures seem to be outdated, but yet still necessary in nis tests:

Missing firewalld service files for NFS/NIS -> lack of support for RPC (bsc#1083486)

We are creating a service file, which enables the "open firewall port" in yast. but :

  • should we do that ? the user will probably open the port in another way, like opening ports manually or using the script mentioned here: So in real life, the user will most probably never have that button. Maybe this could be solved by creating a feature request to firewalld maintainers. NIS client can't find NIS server

This bug was reported in 2016 against sle12 sp1. We still seem to need that workaround, but the referenced bug is probably irrelevant now.

NOTE: tests are executed by qam, so need validation there.

Acceptance criteria

  1. No soft-failures are added for the fixed bugs or the ones we can assume won't be fixed
  2. Workarounds for the soft-failures are also removed, in case are not necessary


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Removing both workarounds works and makes sense to me : if yast is not able to open the ports, there is no point for a soft-failure when we stop the firewall. Though I think this situation is pretty bad, so I will try discussing with yast team and people taking care of firewalld.

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PR submitted but cannot be merged yet because the script on gitlab fails to process the needles.

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#8 Updated by oorlov 11 months ago

Hi Jonathan, could you please take a look at nis_server test suite on Tumbleweed:

It seems like the needle is still missed, though I see in the PR comment, that they were merged correctly.

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