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Update firmware of our powerKVM machines (QA-Power8-3, QA-Power8-4, QA-Power8-5)

Added by nicksinger almost 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Description requests a firmware upgrade.

QA-Power8-{3..5} <- FSP
QA-Power8-{3..5} <- Linux running as hypervisor

power8-3 is configured but seems down (what happened? Is it even used still?)

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Related to openQA Infrastructure - action #65130: Upgrade of firmware(s) for cloudberry (power9 machine)Rejected2020-04-01


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upgrading firmware might help but a workaround was found, the bug was resolved as WONTFIX and likely powerKVM has no future. Removing from our backlog

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  • Related to action #65130: Upgrade of firmware(s) for cloudberry (power9 machine) added

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  • Status changed from Blocked to Feedback was resolved without any proper comment by gschlotter. What I remember is that nicksinger asked me to hold my feet still while he tries to resolve the situation :)

nicksinger I would appreciate your feedback on the current situation.

#7 Updated by nicksinger 3 months ago

I tried to find my comment regarding my efforts upgrading QA-Power8-5 - couldn't find it. Basically I fail to upload the firmware onto the machine because the required toolchain is so old that I can't build a functional pflash for the BMC of these machines (glibc was too old on these BMCs). Somebody on the ML offered me a binary which is supposed to work but I really don't want to execute a random binary sent from somebody on a mailinglist which is accessing the BMC of our machines. So I'm currently stuck and out of ideas how to continue with these habanero machines.

#8 Updated by okurz 2 months ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Rejected

As discussed with nsinger we are not aware of further problems after we fixed the boot problems software side in #68053 so we can also close this ticket as rejected as we did not conduct the firmware upgrades.

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