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susepaste command from openSUSE shell logins is failing with "Paste failed :-("

Added by mrmazda about 2 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Multiple people in forums since yesterday have been unable to upload to via cmdline. has one. When I try I with two different 15.1 installations I repeatedly get "Paste failed :-(". I noticed when yesterday having trouble connecting to B.O.O., forums and elsewhere on, among the delay messages was "waiting for" that just sat unchanged in the status bar.


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The problem still exists, and gets discussed on the opensuse@o.o mailinglist currently.

One user reported that replacing http with https in the susepaste script helps, but a) I can't reproduce that and b) susepaste in tumbleweed was changed and got the -s parameter.

Funnily creating the paste actually works (you'll find it if you check on ) - but the script tells you "Paste failed :-("

Some testing (adding an "echo") indicates that $URL seems to be empty, while I'd expect it to be set from the curl ... | sed ... call.

If I drop the sed call, the curl result includes

< location:

but the script does

sed -n 's|<\ Location:\ ||p'

with an uppercase L in Location, and unsurprisingly that doesn't match the lowercase location header.

Do you have any idea why the server returns lowercase header names and, more important, can you please fix that? ;-)

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Felix, your last comment indicates that the fix needs to be done in the susepaste script. Can you please open a bugreport for susepaste?

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No feedback after over a month. Closing here.
Feel free to reopen by replying to this Email.

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mrmazda wrote: reported

Thanks. FYI: Added links to the bug and this issue at

Let's wait a few days for the developers...

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At this point I see this is stuck at maintenance/release managers with Leap 15.1, nothing we can really do or assist with, it's done from our side

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