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18:58 openSUSE admin tickets #1128 (Resolved):
pastebin has letsencrypt certificate now


16:30 openSUSE admin tickets #15910 (Resolved): paste.o.o: certificate warning for piwik
16:29 openSUSE admin tickets #15910 (In Progress): paste.o.o: certificate warning for piwik
Dropped piwik code
11:44 openSUSE admin tickets #15780 (In Progress): OpenID auth is broken on and EOM
can you recheck? There was an issue with invalid certificate (that was solved recently) which might be related.


08:37 openSUSE admin tickets #13108 (Resolved): not functional
08:37 openSUSE admin tickets #13108 (In Progress): not functional
Fixed, recently there was a power outage and looks like database needed some fixing.


12:07 openQA Project action #2338 (Resolved): Describe what are the settings and what do they do
Admin has plenty of options to set. Some of them is possible to guess from description, but quite some of them is rea...
07:40 openQA Project action #2274 (Closed): Update documentation
Would make this done, as installation documentation is up to date, we are missing documentation for other parts, will...


07:00 openQA Project action #2274 (In Progress): Update documentation
07:00 openQA Project action #2274 (Closed): Update documentation
Our current documentation if far behind development and is currently quite missleading, so it needs update to relate ...

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