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Replace live viewer with noVNC

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The live viewer should (at least when the developer mode is enabled and the test execution is currently paused) be able to be switched to noVNC to allow direct interaction with the SUT. This would also help working around firewall issues as o3 workers are not directly reachable from internet or from r&d network.

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circumventing the firewall might be problematic if the access from the VM to the internal openQA network is not properly guarded however I see this not as a blocker but a task for the administration of the workers.

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Updated by mkittler over 4 years ago

When working on the developer mode I have already considered this possibility. It would be possible but of course VNC is not always available. Besides, the worker host is not always reachable by the client (e.g. o3 setup) so it would be required to tunnel the connection through the web UI host. This isolation of the worker host is of course done to prevent unwanted access so when providing a tunnel we need to take authentication into account.

The ticket description sounds like switching to noVNC would magically help "working around firewall issues as o3". I think the opposite is the case. The isolation of o3 workers or the need for authentication makes the difficulty of implementing this.

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Updated by dheidler over 4 years ago

With noVNC we could tunnel the connection through the webui so the webui could take care of user authorisation using the accounts.

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