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Re-use YAML betweens different groups

Added by cdywan almost 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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A feature request has been suggested as part of the testing of the YAML editor on staging.

Alias can be used to simplify YAML for a job group, and reduce duplication. But it can't currently be shared across multiple groups.

YAML::PP::LibYAML supports the !include feature, however according to tinita it currently expects files on disk. We would need a way to include snippets from the database.


#1 Updated by tinita almost 3 years ago

I will try to figure out an addition to the !include API that allows to load from database or other places.

#2 Updated by cdywan almost 3 years ago

QAM could reuse aliases between YAMLs within Update|Incidents groups e.g. there are subgroups which could use YAML alias of tests running on all versions, another alias running only on sle15 and so on.

But that sounds like a layer above this. I.e. maintain your input in a git repository, expand the yaml to your linking and post it to the API for all groups. But expecting the UI to support aliases and includes is not what I think we should do.

Preprocessing sounds like a very interesting option as well.

Note this proposal is a long term thing. So if more people ask about it we have a ticket to refer to, and we can estimate the work for when we decide if we want something like that.
A wishlist item really, but I couldn't find a label for that in progress.

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the "future" target version is our wishlist as in "would be nice … but not now" :)

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  • Related to action #49535: Improve time to schedule a build added

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  • Related to deleted (action #49535: Improve time to schedule a build)

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