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Test results from SLE12SP4 milestones are gone

Added by okurz over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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[24/01/2019 08:57:12] <mgriessmeier> okurz: did I miss something? or did we lose a lot of 12SP4 GM jobs?
[24/01/2019 09:25:48] <okurz> mgriessmeier: yes, a lot of test results are gone. 12SP3 is still there:
[24/01/2019 09:26:08] <okurz> mgriessmeier: can you report that and escalate? And mention "backup&recovery" ;)
[24/01/2019 10:09:55] <okurz> mgriessmeier: ok, I reported that to RM+PrjM. coolo stated the results were gone for longer already and it might be related to tagging in the parent job group


#1 Updated by coolo over 1 year ago

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JobGroups::important_builds is only considering this job group's comments. With SP4 the tagging moved to the parent group and JobGroups::tags and as such you see the tags, but they don't matter - and we happily deleted all tagged results soon afterwards.

This is a very unfortunate oversight

#2 Updated by mkittler over 1 year ago

Can you point to the exact job group which is affected?

But according to coolo's description this even looks like a user mistake? Or what exactly should be improved from the openQA-side?

#3 Updated by coolo over 1 year ago

You misunderstood me there - I was trying to give the engineer picking it up a headstart :)

The expectation is: if the parent group has a build tagged as important, the tag is displayed in the job group and that build is important while deleting.

#4 Updated by mkittler over 1 year ago

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Ok, so I'll make the tag inheritance not only affect the dashboard but also the cleanup algorithm.

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