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Create social media messages based on our release announcement & top features. See the openSUSE wiki:

Remember that one goal of these messages is to 'go viral': connect the release to cool stuff but don't push it. Something more widely funny or interesting has more chance of being spread. Including "pls rt" or "pls share" or "share the news:" makes a big difference in how often things are shared, according to research. Worth trying this year.

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Tips for coordinators and contributors to this task:

  1. When the messages are created, the wiki pages where the 13.1 content that needs to be referred won't be published and ready. cwh needs to provide the correct links to the Social Media coordinator so they are included in the messages to be created before they are translated. translators need to have the correct links in place to properly translate.
  2. Social Media messages should include links to the contents that describe or reinforce the message: feature page, highlights, announcement, portal page, download page....
  3. Hashtags must be agreed and carefully placed. Translators should consider adding reference to openSUSE accounts or pages in their own language.
  4. Messages should be slightly different for different social media portals.
  5. Create specific article for slashdot alike pages so it can also be translated since most countries have these kind of collaborative news portals.
  6. Follow the examples for 12.3
  7. Remember that pictures are very welcome. There are plenty of this release screenshots available.
  8. The earliest the message are done in English, the more time the translators will have to translate, we will have the messages in more languages so the impact of our campaign will increase.
  9. Pings translators only after the task is done and revised. There is no easy way back to revert errors.
  10. Channels administrators should be listed and in sync for the release.
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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Thanks for the tips, Agustin.

I've contacted Chuck and Ilias, am hoping they are willing to (help) take this task on them!

Next week we should be able to make a first draft of the messages.

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Updated by zoumpis over 10 years ago

Hey Jos and Agustin,

I will be available to help with the creation of the social media messages.

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Tomorrow (6) we will work on this. The main features are done (except the ActiveDoc part).

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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

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Made the first few messages. Ilias hopefully can take it up now, I'll work more on it later...

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Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

Talked to Ilias, he would work on the social media guide today. Did not have time myself.

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Twitter, G+, Facebook and Linkedin messages are already written and waiting for translation at

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Updated by mlin7442 over 10 years ago

A question, we have put in social media launch plan, but it's still empty, is it correct? If so, I'll removed this part from my ping translators mail, but if it should be have something there, should I waiting until it was done? I'll keep my draft mail in my mailbox until I got further notice.

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Updated by ancorgs over 10 years ago

There is no issue in redmine for that part, so I simply didn't notice. I will write something as soon as I get to the office.

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Updated by ancorgs over 10 years ago

I wrote a text for the news sites in the marketing plan. Reviewed by the team. Ready to go.

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