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[functional][u] Validate /var/log consistency

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We have recognized that journal log is not stored in /var/log directory for SLE15, so it would be nice to have a test which verifies that file is there.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: At least existence of journal log in /var/log is verified


#1 Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

I have seen chat about it today but maybe what we should check instead is log preservation over reboot and not where it's stored or where came your idea from?

#2 Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

@okurz, yes it's related to the discussion you've mentioned. I've just noted the idea briefly, I also believe we should expand this test to check more, e.g. that messages file is not there.

#3 Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

  • Target version set to future

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  • Subject changed from [functional] Validate /var/log consistency to [functional][u] Validate /var/log consistency

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let's focus more on improving our current tests and workflows first. Putting to "holding tank" :)

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