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mailing list postings arrive in duplicate or triplicate

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Maybe since Friday 26/1, many postings to the mailing lists arrive in 2-3 or more copies. At first it was suggested it was a problem on the sending side, but I suspect it is a problem in delivery to mx[12] Sometimes the delivery appears to fail which causes the delivery to be repeated.

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tickets #30958: duplicate emails to/from list.Closed

tickets #30979: There are many duplicate mails appearing at the mail list.Closed


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I've gotten more than 3 copies of the same message multiple times in recent days, in addition to getting many merely 2 or 3 times. The duplicates commonly arrive several hours or longer after originally being sent by the message's creator. Along with these duplicates I am getting messages from various opensuse list owners most days at midnight and/or noon GMT warning "Some messages to you could not be delivered". These warnings became common about 4 weeks ago. I've saved 23 in total. They constitute a clue that something must be going wrong before list mail is reaching my POP server.

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Right after I made this screenshot, a 4th from mike from 2018-01-28 10:57 (UTC-0500) arrived.

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This has been happening for months on the Suse internal lists also.

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My colleagues from SUSE-IT informed me that the origin of this problem is that one of the internal SUSE mail services (relay/mx) had an outage during the weekend. Unfortunately the duplicate mails are now in the mail queue and being processed, and it is not really possible to figure out in an automated way which one is a duplicate and which one is not. So not much we can do here, closing the ticket.

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