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Searching for "not last (time period)" in needle admin interface does not find needles last use/match was "never"

Added by AdamWill over 3 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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If you go to the admin interface Needles page, then search for needles which were last used or last matched "not in the last 2 weeks" (or 4 weeks or 2 months or whatever), it will not show needles which have never been used or matched, when clearly it should.

Perhaps this was thought to be a not-worth-dealing with corner case, because it'd be odd for a needle to never have been used or matched. In fact it doesn't seem to be that uncommon: we (Fedora) have several dozen needles whose 'last matched' time is 'Never'. I'm not sure why this is, but it could happen if a new openQA instance is deployed using a distri repo that's been around a long time and contains some stale needles (which thus will never be matched), or perhaps it's something about the 'last matched' info not being accurate for old needles for some reason.


#1 Updated by AdamWill over 3 years ago

Perhaps when old jobs are garbage-collected, we no longer have the information about what needles were matched in the course of the job's execution, so if a needle is so stale there are no non-garbage-collected jobs that matched it, we think it's never been matched?

#2 Updated by coolo over 3 years ago

yeah, 'never' unfortunately can mean 'not yet' or 'not until I remember'

#3 Updated by mkittler over 3 years ago

As a workaround, you can just sort by 'Last Match'. Unfortunately, this reveals another bug: you have to sort ascending to have 'never' at the beginning.

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