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Add Maintainer and summary to all openqa tests

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We need to have some meta data in our tests - so that reviewers for other products have a contact person without having to check git blame.

For this we should have well defined comments in the .pm files. Two fields should be mandatory.

# Summary: This is a multi line text describing what was the intention behind this test, e.g.
#  describing the difference between SLE and TW that made it necessary to have an opensuse 
#  specific variant of another test. But it can also contain links for more details.
# Maintainer:

Additionally we might want more optional fields e.g. for integration into But also openqa
specifics might be interesting

# Tags: under-development,sle-specific

We should start with adding a likely maintainer from git history and possibly the git log of the first commit with a script and have a travis check that verifies new tests have maintainer and summary. Accompanied with a review policy that people touching tests need to review the summary too (the summaries from the script will be stupid :)

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I am not sure if enforcing these entries will scare off potential voluntary contributors. Still, I think this is the way to go. We should start with a script checking for the existance of these entries very soon to prevent incompatible entries showing up when we ask people to do it.

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See for a proposal of a check script.

With the check script we can also accept the current output as "accepted state" and compare if new changes introduce new missing and then fail.

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PR merged, we can check the state every time and ask reviewees to add the information. If you all agree we should add this to our DoD and ask reviewees to add the information to new files and when they change existing modules. Agreed?

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@coolo, you want to take this for now?

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this already works somewhat

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